www.myfirstdigitalcard.com – First Digital Mastercard Offer

February 27, 2020

By Martin Norris

Myfirstdigitalcard.com is the url for First Digital Mastercard preapproved reservation recipients. The site actually redirects to my.firstdigitalcard.com which is a secure subdomain of the issuer, Synovus Bank. First Digital Mastercards are credit card offers that people with less than perfect credit can apply for. There are four different iterations of the card.


The First Digital NextGen Mastercard is the most publicized of the four. It has an annual fee each year after the first year, which has a fee of $75. While this may seem like a good deal for subsequent years, there's what's called a "monthly servicing fee" after year one (waived that year). This comes in at $75, $6.25 a month. The purchase APR is also alarmingly high at 35.99%. It is vital to pay off your balance in full every month at this rate will cause revolvers to accrue interest at a higher rate than most other cards catering to this demographic. If approved for the NextGen, the card will become activated upon paying the $95 "Program Fee." This offer may be applied for online using myfirstdigitalcard.com reservation codes. The First Digital MobileMoney Mastercard has a similar pricing structure to the aforementioned offer with the exception of the rate attached to purchases which is 6 points lower at 29.99%.

The First Digital CreditMax also has a similar pricing structure to that of NextGen with the exception of the annual fee and monthly maintenance fee structures. The differences lie in that instead of paying $75 for year one, a cardholder would pay $125. The following years would be the same at $48. The monthly fee, again waived year one, is $124.80 per year ($10.40/month). Lastly, the First Digital YesCredit has almost an identical pricing structure to that of the MobileMoney, yet it is slightly more favorable as the "Program Fee" required for activation is $6 less at $89.

Many consumers who have obtained myfirstdigitalcard.com reservation numbers may want to consider applying directly through the bank rather than taking the pre-approved shortcut if they have not received an invitation for the FirstDigital YesCredit Mastercard as this one is the most favorable of the bunch from a rate and fee perspective. In all likelihood, because all four are so similar with slight tweaks, it's a good guess that the underwriting is as well.

What's also a good thing to know and consider when applying for all four of these cards, whether at myfirstdigitalcard.com or through some other path, the annual fee is assessed prior to utilizing credit lines. This means that for the three Mastercards with $75 first year annual fees, a card with a $300 line really starts with $225 worth of spending available. The CreditMax, with a first year fee of $125 would chop $50 more than the other three cards initially to the overall spending limit. However, this brings up one more thing to consider:

When analyzing the cardholder agreements for all offers within the portfolio the NextGen, YesCredit, and MobileMoney all reference initial lines of credit of $300 (minus the $75) of course. The CreditMax on the other hand uses $500 (minus the $125) as the initial credit line. There may be a case where while this offer has a higher annual fee, the opportunity for more spending power may be there compared to the other three. All of these considerations are important when deciding whether or not to respond to a www,myfirstdigitalcard.com application as the attributes are all slightly different.

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