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March 7, 2020

By Martin Norris

The Ollo Platinum card is a credit card that is trying, and succeeding, to set itself apart. For one, it's invite-only and you can't just sign up for it on a whim. The Ollo Platinum card also has very few additional fees, a single APR rate for every single cardmember, and is somewhat permissive with who they invite into their program.

The Ollo Platinum Card is a great card for anyone that needs to build up their credit, but that has graduated from secured cards or cards with annual fees. While it doesn't come with a rewards program, this card can be acquired by someone with “good” credit to bulk up their total available credit. As the Ollo Platinum Card has no annual fee, it's never a bad thing to have on hand.

The Ollo Platinum is not a credit card for someone looking for rewards. It's also not a great balance transfer card, even if they are offering a zero-fee transfer when you apply.

Do You Have an Invitation?

The Ollo Platinum card does have one quirk that you will either love or hate and this is the getmyollocard.com factor. To apply for the card, you will need an invitation. Those invitations typically come in the mail, just like dozens of other pre-approval offers and instruct you to go to www.getmyollocard.com to receive the offer.

Once you get your hands on an invitation, you can enter the information on Ollo's website, www.getmyollocard.com, and start the official application process. The “invitation” is more like a pre-screened credit card offer than a promise of approval.


Ollo pricing and cardmember agreements are simpler than those put out by many other credit card companies. Instead of fees and APR being adjusted based on credit scores, it seems like they are linked to particular cards or offers.

For example, the Ollo Platinum credit card being reviewed has a flat APR of 24.99%, due to vary with the market. This does not appear to change no matter who is approved for the card, what their initial credit limit is, nor is it likely to change over time. The benefit of starting with APR this high? Knowing it won't get any higher no matter how many payments you miss.

25 Day Grace Period

The Ollo Platinum credit card offers what could be considered the standard grace period. If you pay off the balance of your card within 25 days of the close of the last billing cycle, you will not accrue interest on transactions from that billing cycle. These transactions include purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers.


  • Annual Fee – No annual fee for the Ollo Platinum Credit Card.
  • Cash Advance – $10 or 5% of the Cash Advance, whichever is greater.
  • Foreign Transaction – No foreign transaction fees.
  • Late Payment – Up to $39
  • Return Payment -  No returned payment fee.
  • Over the Limit Fees – No fees for going over your established credit limit or staying there.
  • Balance Transfer - $5 or 4% of the Cash Advance, whichever is greater.
  • Penalty APR – There is no penalty APR.
  • Minimum Interest Charged – If you are charged interest, that interest will be no less than $1.50


The Ollo Platinum credit card has no rewards program to speak of. However, if you plan on using it during a vacation or abroad, the complete lack of foreign transaction fees may be more valuable than a standard 1% back or so.

Potential Sign-Up Offers

The Ollo Platinum card does occasionally offer a sign-up offer. This is usually along the lines of either a zero interest transfer or 12 months zero interest on purchases. However, like the invitations to apply, these sign-up offers seem to be few and far between. If you do have your eye on an Ollo card, you can either wait for an offer to pop up in 3 to 5 months (the rate at which invitations seem to be sent), or apply and be done with it.

Pros – Advantages of the Ollo Platinum Card

The Ollo Platinum card is doing a few things differently, and many of them are a step in the right direction.

  • US Based Customer Service – It never hurts to be able to talk to someone in the same timezone as you.
  • Zero Fraud Liability – Most cards have some form of fraud protection program, Ollo's is a little more understanding than the average.
  • A Lack of Fees – Ollo has one major thing going for it, as far as smaller credit card companies go. They don't try to charge for every little thing. With the Ollo Platinum card, you're looking at no penalty APR, no foreign transaction fees, no returned payment fees, and no over-limit fees.
  • Occasional Sign-Up Bonuses – If the stars align, you could get an invitation to apply as well as an offer for no interest for a year.
  • Free Access to Your FICO Score – If you don't currently have a credit card that offers this, this is a great perk.
  • Automated Credit Line Increases – Having to call every 6 months to upgrade your score can be nerve-racking, Ollo automates this process for all of their cards.

Cons – Disadvantages of the Ollo Platinum Card

The Ollo Platinum card is as straightforward as it gets. There's not a lot of cons to having it in your wallet.

  • No Personalized Automatic Payment Feature – Some credit cards will allow you to automatically pay a set amount each month, as long as it's over the minimum payment. The Ollo Platinum card only allows you to automatically pay the minimum or the full balance.
  • No Rewards Program – More often than not, a credit card is synonymous with some sort of rewards program. The Ollo Platinum card has chosen to opt-out of this trend.
  • High Overall APR – If you have a credit score on the low side, you know to expect high APR. If you have a score over 650, the high APR on this card should make you hesitate.
  • You Need An Invitation – If you feel like the Ollo Platinum is the card for you, getting an invitation to apply isn't always straightforward.

The Ollo Platinum card is one of those cards that it never hurts to have, but it doesn't have any outstanding benefits. That is unless you're someone that needs to rebuild their credit and don't have access to other types of cards. If you want to get this card and have a reservation code, go to www.getmyollocard.com to start a relationship with this issuer.

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