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March 31, 2020

By Martin Norris by Continental Finance is a credit card in the “credit rebuilder” category. Typically, this means that the card comes with an unreasonable number of fees on top of high APR and the Reflex card fits this profile perfectly.

The Reflex card is also not guaranteed to be an unsecured credit card. Many applicants only find out after they apply and get a hard pull on their credit report that the card requires a significant security deposit of up to $500. This is in addition to a variable annual fee, maintenance fee, and possible setup fee determined by creditworthiness.

The Reflex credit card offered by Continental Finance and backed by Celtic Bank is marketed to people trying to rebuild their credit. However, this isn't the card to do that for most people.

To rebuild your credit, you want a credit card that adds a reasonable amount of credit to your overall profile and that doesn't cost much, or anything, to hold onto. The Reflex card doesn't check either of these boxes. This card stacks fees on top of fees, with no room to negotiate out of them over time. To see exactly what this means, consider the list of fees and the full review below.

The APR for the Reflex card offered by Continental Finance is a variable flat rate for all customers. As of this writing, that rate is 29.99% for purchases and cash advances. Balance transfers to the Reflex card are, at this time, not an option. There is, for most customers, a 25 day grace period before interest is charged for purchases. Cash advances begin to draw interest immediately.

The starting credit limit on the Reflex card by Continental Finance is $500. After 6 months of consecutive, on-time payments this credit limit can be increased, but will not increase by more than $500. This is not a card that will ever have an exceptionally high limit.

More Often Secured By a Deposit

The Reflex credit card often requires a security deposit in addition to the annual fee, setup fees, and maintenance fees. This security deposit may not need to be equivalent to the credit line you are given.

At the lower end, this deposit could only be $50. It could alternatively be equal to the $500 credit limit. All deposits are refundable if you close your account with a paid-off balance and no pending fees.


  • Annual Fee – The annual fee for the Reflex credit card will depend on which offer you receive. This could be a $99 fee every year. More often, however, you will be offered a $125 fee for the first year with a $96 fee every year after.
  • Monthly Fee – The monthly fee is paid in addition to the annual fee. The Relex card's monthly fee is $10 per month, starting the second year you have your Reflex card.
  • Application or Setup Fee – There may be an application or setup fee charged to your card when you receive your first statement. This fee will vary depending on your creditworthiness and has no posted upper or lower limit.
  • Cash Advance Fee – The cash advance fee for the Reflex card is the greater of $5 or 5% of each cash advance.
  • Foreign Transaction Fee – The Reflex credit card has a flat foreign transaction fee of 3%.
  • Late Payment Fee – The late payment fee for the Reflex card is up to $39.
  • Return Payment Fee -  The returned payment fee varies depending on your minimum payment amount and how often you miss or have returned payments. This fee will not exceed $39 for every returned payment.
  • Authorized User Fees – The fee for an additional card is $30.00. Whether you are allowed to have an authorized user on your account, in addition to having an additional card, will depend on your unique financial situation. Continental Finance may deny a request to add an authorized user.
  • Balance Transfer Fee – At this time, balance transfers to the Reflex card are not allowed. invitations do not reference any rewards programs because these particular credit cards do not have rewards incentives due to the demographic they are serving.

Pros – Advantages of the Continental Finance's Reflex Credit Card

There are a few things the Reflex card has done right.

  • Low Threshold For Approval – Have a low credit score? You may still be approved. However, expect to pay more in fees and end up with a secured credit card.
  • Apply Online or Over the Phone – You don't need an invitation to apply, unlike some similar cards.
  • $0 Fraud Liability – This may be the strongest benefit offered by the Reflex card. However, this feature is mandatory for all MasterCards.

Cons – Disadvantages of the Continental Finance's Reflex Credit Card

Several big things that make the Reflex card hard to keep.

  • Annual Fee on Top of Monthly Fees – After your first year, the Reflex card charges a minimum of $219 to keep the card around, even if you don't use it.
  • High APR – While not the maximum APR allowed by low, this isn't much less.
  • No Rewards Program – There is no way to earn back that annual fee, let alone the monthly fee or setup fee.
  • Potential Need to Secure the Card – While it's not mentioned upfront, the Reflex card may require a security deposit.

There are plenty of cards that are nearly identical to the Reflex card by Continental Finance. All of them are hard to recommend to anyone. The Reflex card has no advantages that help balance the high APR, unreasonable fees, and possible need to secure the card for an additional fee after you have already applied. Yet, if you have no other options, is at least available if you’re invited to apply.

If anyone is considering the Reflex card, be sure to read up on it. This review is somewhere to start, but the fine print in the user agreement may add a few extra red flags for people in certain states or regions. Taking all of this into consideration, the Reflex card isn't worth spending $219 a year on for a $500 (or even $1000) credit limit. Throw that invitation away if you don’t desperately need it.

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