Keep up with credit card trends, data breaches, and things happening in the lending industry.

Opening and Closing

How Does Opening and Closing Credit Card Accounts Affect Your Credit?

You are probably aware of both the advantages and potential drawbacks of using credit cards.  On the one hand, proper ...
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Advantages and DIsadvantages of Balance Transfers

Weighing the Advantages and Disadvantages of Balance Transfer Credit Cards

Credit cards are very convenient for consumers but they can also bring problems – namely debt. Today, American consumers carry ...
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Bad Credit Balance Transfer Options

Bad Credit Consumers Have Credit Card Balance Transfer Options; We Explain Nuances

Interest rates have been on the rise of late, and among those affected are credit card holders. While many of ...
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Pay Taxes with a Credit Card

Paying Your Taxes with a Credit Card: What You Need to Know

As most people are well aware, the only two certainties in life are death and taxes, and the latter we ...
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6 Low Interest Credit Cards

6 Low Interest Credit Cards that Should Be on Your Radar

Cash may be king, but our growing global economy thrives on credit.  If you want to purchase an airline ticket, ...
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Holiday Shopping Strategies

The Most Effective Pre-Holiday Credit Card Strategies for Big Savings

Just about everyone knows the pain of paying down credit card debt after the holidays. Even if you set a ...
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Ring Modifies Balance Transfer Terms

Barclaycard Ring Modifies Balance Transfer Options

The Barclaycard® Ring Mastercard® has made some adjustments to it balance transfer options, making the card a good choice for ...
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Rising Interest Rates

Balance Transfers Could Ease Costs in Rising Interest Rate Environment

The tear that the U.S. economy has been on has motivated the Federal Reserve Bank to raise its benchmark target ...
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5 Best Hotel Credit Cards

5 Hot Hotel Credit Cards for 2018

The trade-off with credit cards used to be simple.  You made your purchases on credit, your creditor paid the tab, ...
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Keep up with credit card trends, data breaches, and things happening in the lending industry.