Keep up with credit card trends, data breaches, and things happening in the lending industry.

6 Balance Transfer Techniques

6 Things to Do After a Balance Transfer

Balance transfer credit cards are a great tool to help you pay off your credit card debt while saving money ...
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Holiday Debt

Have Holiday Debt? A Balance Transfer Card Can Help

It’s better to give than receive – until the credit card bills arrive. If you’re facing credit card debt after ...
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Longest 0% APR Offers

Balance Transfer Cards with longest 0% APR Offers

Are you drowning in credit card debt and paying a high interest rate on your balance? A balance transfer credit ...
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Best No Fee Balance Transfers

Best Cards with 0% APR and No Balance Transfer Fee

Balance transfer cards with a no-interest introductory period can help you pay down your credit card debt faster and save ...
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Credit Card Travel Hacking Basics

Travel Hacking with Credit Cards: The Basics for Newbies

Remember when you had to call airlines or actually go to your nearest airport and speak with a ticketing agent ...
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Watch for These Credit Card Charges

Credit Card Charges You Should Look Out For

When you start searching for the perfect rewards credit card to help you earn points you can use for travel ...
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Tips for Negotiating Interest Rates

Top Dos and Don’ts for Negotiating Credit Card Interest Rates

It’s a common misconception that credit card rates are somehow set in stone.  In fact, it’s not that easy to ...
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Using Credit Cards for Weddings

Using Your Credit Cards for Wedding Expenses: What You Need to Know

Putting thousands of dollars of wedding charges on your credit card can be a frightening prospect, even if you know ...
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Cutting Balance Transfer Offers

Worried Credit Card Issuers Scaling Back Credit Limits for Balance Transfers

If you’re on the hunt to find a balance transfer credit card that has lower interest rates than your current ...
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Keep up with credit card trends, data breaches, and things happening in the lending industry.