How to Search for a Balance Transfer Credit Card

There are several strategies that can help you find a list of card candidates. If you have excellent credit, offers for good credit cards are probably showing up in your mailbox. You can check to see if any of these include zero percent APR introductory offers on balance transfers.

Sometimes, you’ll get great deals in the mail because these offers are tailored to your history. Well, they’re great deals if you have a great credit history!

But even if you do receive an offer that looks quite good, you should still do a little research and see what else is available. Comparing credit card offers can be well worth your time.

Credit Cards
Credit card comparison sites

There are websites that let you to conduct searches for balance transfer credit cards.

The search feature varies by site, but there’s usually a “balance transfer” category where you can see a list of cards. In most cases, you’ll be able to narrow down your list by selecting more of your preferences. For instance, you might only want to see cards with no annual fees. You can further refine your list by choosing to look only at cards that are within your credit range, such as excellent credit.

Do a Google search for “balance transfer credit card reviews”

You can always do a search on your own and compile your own list of candidates. Once you have a list of cards, you can also read reviews of these cards. The best part about reading balance transfer credit card reviews? The comments section.

That’s the place where you’ll find unbridled enthusiasm or outright disdain for a card. It’s always helpful to see what experience others have had with a specific card. But go for a large sample size if you read reviews. That’s the best way to get a really good feel for what the majority of consumers think about a given card.