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March 24, 2020

By Martin Norris

The credit card is a great standard rewards card to have on hand for everyday purchases. This includes gas, groceries, and small purchases of any kind. Beyond that, you can still earn points equivalent to at least a 1% cashback exchange rate.

Interest is fairly low and separate perks, like the Citi Flex Plan, can help you keep your what yo spend on interest to a minimum over time. However, there are a few drawbacks like the penalty APR rate and a few of the suggested redemption offers. If you want to know exactly what to look out for when applying or using this card, you can find the relevant information in the review below.

The Citi Rewards Plus Card is best for small and everyday purchases. If you frequently eat fast food or pick up a snack at your local convenience store, this card has perks that fit that lifestyle. It's not a great travel card, but it does work well with the travel cards in the Citi credit card family. If you already have one of those, picking this one up is almost a given.

Further, there is a specific version of this card that you can get if you apply as a student. With that, the credit requirements are a bit more relaxed. Though applying with a score lower than 650 is still risky.

Few credit cards offer special terms for students, and more often than not those terms result in lower credit limits and similar APR. The Citi Rewards Plus credit card follows this exact model. It reportedly comes with a lower limit, though this may be due, in part, to the fact that the card requires a lower credit score for application approval. It’s not known whether or not invitations have been sent with these terms to students however.

If you apply for the Citi Rewards Plus card and happen to be a student, you may be offered this card if you do not qualify for the standard version. Alternatively, you can apply for the student card by itself. The only difference is a lower starting limit and a 1% higher APR rate for purchases, cash advances, and balance transfers. For higher approval odds, that's not a bad deal for qualifying students.


  • Annual Fee – There is no annual fee for the Citi Rewards Plus Card.
  • Cash Advance Fee – The cash advance fee for the Citi Rewards Plus Card is the greater of $10 or 5%.
  • Foreign Transaction Fee – Foreign transaction fees for the Citi Rewards Plus credit card are 3% of the total transaction, for each transaction, calculated in USD.
  • Late Payment Fee – The late payment fee for the Citi Rewards Plus Card is up to $40.
  • Return Payment Fee -  The returned payment fee for the Citi Rewards Plus Card is up to $40.
  • Authorized User Fees – There are no authorized user fees or additional card fees with the Citi Rewards Plus card.
  • Balance Transfer Fee - The balance transfer fee for the Citi Rewards Plus Card is the greater of $5 or 3%.


The rewards on the Citi Rewards Plus Card comes with a lot of rules, but memorizing them will be worth it when you have the card and if you want the maximum reward each year. At it's most basic, however, the Citi Rewards Plus program boils down to earning points equivalent to 1% on everything, and 2% on gas and groceries up to $6,000 in purchases. Beyond that, all purchases have their respective point earnings rounded up to the nearest 10. So 61 earned points are rounded up to 70 and so on.

In addition to earning points from purchases, you can get points for redeeming points, up to 100,000 points or about $1,000 in redemptions per year. Whatever you redeem in a year, you are refunded 10% at the end of that year. Points may also be transferred to another Citi card that uses ThankYou points.

Pros – Advantages of the Citi Rewards Plus Credit Card

There are a few things about the Citi Rewards Card that are beneficial to everyone.

  • Robust Rewards Program – For the smallest purchases, you may see a reward equivalent to as much as 4% cashback when redeemed. This is due to the perk that rounds all points up to the nearest 10.
  • Access to Citi Flex Plan – The Citi Flex plan is invitation-only for applicants, but it's not all that selective. If you're a member in good standing, you're highly likely to have access to this feature.
  • Low Variable APR – If you start with a great credit history, you can get very reasonable APR. If your credit improves over time after approval and acceptance of this Citi credit card, Citi will allow you to negotiate your rate.

Cons – Reasons not to respond online for

There are a few things the Citi Rewards Plus Card has that one needs to be mindful of.

  • High Credit Score Required – For good odds of approval, you'll likely need a credit score above 700 with no delinquencies. The score requirement may be slightly relaxed for students applying for the student card version of the Citi Rewards Plus credit card.
  • Foreign Transaction Fee – 3% on every foreign purchase you make with your Citi Rewards Plus Card.
  • Indefinite Penalty Interest – Yes, you may start with APR lower than 15.99%, but if you miss a single payment due date, you will be looking at 29.99% or the maximum allowable APR.

Citi Flex Plan

The Citi Flex program allows you to separate certain credit purchases from your regular credit card statement and pay them with separate terms. This program is invitation only.

Citi Flex also provides loans, if you need them, with a fast approval process based on your available credit line and history with Citi. There is no hard credit check. Further, the funds are loaded onto your card often as soon as the application is approved. APR is fixed and payments can be scheduled or modified based on your, the customer's, request.

If you already have another Citi card that you use regularly, there's no compelling reason not to respond to the Citi Rewards Plus Card notice. The same goes for anyone looking for a card that provides a decent number of points or cash back.

For everyone else, the Citi Rewards Plus credit card isn't particularly unique and with the credit score needed to acquire the standard version, there could be better options out there for you. Still, with variable rate APR as low as 15.99% and no annual fee, it wouldn't hurt to pick this card up and later replace it with another, especially if you have a reasonably high credit score already.

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