– Luxury Card Black Card

March 20, 2020

By Martin Norris

The Black Card pre-approved credit card is offered by Luxury Card and issued by Barclays Bank Delaware. The great things about this card are that the APR cap is relatively low and there are quite a few travel-related benefits. The downside is that the annual fee is high and many of the benefits and rewards have sketchy fine print.

The Black Card might be good for someone who takes a lot of flights and has somehow been blacklisted from both Chase and American Express. That, or you don't mind paying a high annual fee to have a lower APR. If you carry a balance, something this card seems to encourage, this card might be able to pay for itself in the difference.

All-in-all, if you want a heavy-duty metal card, the Luxury Black Card boasts the most metal in a single credit card at this level. If you don't mind handing over a $495 annual fee for that, that's just fine. For everyone else, make sure you pay attention to the fine print after each reward, offer, and benefit to make sure this card can at least cover the fee.

The single best thing about this card is the interest rate, and the sleek envelppe that invitations arrive in . At a max of 16.49% variable APR for purchases and balance transfers, that can save you quite a bit if you like to take your time paying off your bill. The APR for cash advances is about par at a variable 26.74%.

Beyond that, the minimum interest charge is 50 cents in each billing cycle. The grace period, and your due date, are 23 days after the close of each billing cycle.

At this time and for the foreseeable future, the Black Card offers a long-standing balance transfer introductory offer. With this offer, you can pay 0% APR for up to 15 billing cycles with the Luxury Card Black Card. Whether you qualify for this offer is determined independently from whether you qualify for the Black Card itself.

Barclays has released no official starting limit, standard limit, or maximum credit limit. However, it has been noted that limits on older and established accounts can go as high as $25,000. Credit line increases are given out after a minimum of six months using an automated check system. Luxury Card does not take credit line increase or minimum credit line requests.


  • Annual Fee – The annual fee for the Black Card is $495.
  • Cash Advance Fee – The cash advance fee is $10 or 5%.
  • Foreign Transaction Fee – There is no foreign transaction fee.
  • Late Payment Fee – The late payment fee is up to $39, except for residents of Iowa for which it is up to $15.
  • Return Payment Fee -  The returned payment fee is up to $39, except for residents of Iowa for which it is up to $15.
  • Authorized User Fees – Each authorized user will cost $125 per year.
  • Balance Transfer Fee – Balance transfers incur a fee of $5 or 3% of the total balance, whichever is greater.

One of the most frequently misunderstood things about the Luxury Card MasterCard Black Card is how the rewards points and redemption features work. First, you get 1 point per dollar spent on qualifying purchases, no exceptions. As long as you make your payments, meet the minimum, and spend at least once every 7 months, you get these points.

Once you have your points, you can then redeem them through the Luxury Card travel website or as a cash redemption. The cash redemption is the best, stable deal at 1.5% cashback. If you redeem on travel with hotels and rentals, you only get the equivalent of 1% back or less.

If you book a ticket with an airline, that's when you encounter the infamous “2% Airfare Redemption Rate”. The important thing to note here is that this is the highest redemption rate you can potentially get. Most offers are not in that range. Not to mention that the travel offers found on the Luxury Card website are far from the best offers you can get.

Pros – Advantages of the Luxury Card Black Card Offer

There are advantages to the Luxury Card Black Card that don't come with a paragraph or two of fine print.

  • No Foreign Transaction Fee – If you need a card with a 0% foreign transaction fee, this is a good card for that.
  • Low APR For Purchases – This can be a great advantage if you don't pay off your balance regularly. However, a small change in APR may still not make up for the annual fee.
  • Annual Credit For Airline Travel – Black Card members get up to $100 in airline credits per year. You can also get a reimbursement for the Global Entry or TSA Precheck programs once per account.
  • High Credit Limit – While not the highest out there, the Luxury Card Black Card has a credit limit cap above $20,000.

Cons – Disadvantages of the Luxury Card Black Card Offer

The Luxury Card Black card, and every card under the Luxury Card brand, likes to hype up what they offer beyond what should be reasonably allowed.

  • No Protections for Cancellations or Delays – Unlike other travel-oriented credit cards in this same price tier, the Black Card offered by Luxury Card has no protections for cancellations or delays. This means that no matter what emergency occurs if you paid with points they will not be refunded. This may also apply to some occasions where you pay with credit. However, they do offer secondary protection. So if you did buy trip insurance and there is a gap between what you paid and what the primary insurance will cover, the Black Card may pay some or all of the difference.
  • Value of Redemption Varies – For every dollar you spend, you earn 1 point. You can redeem these points for travel offers through the Luxury Card website. The lowest offer they have, on the cheapest airline offers they have, will earn you a 2x reward. Other travel rewards, like car rentals and hotels, have a 100 points to 1 dollar rate.
  • High Annual Fee – The $495 annual fee on this card will require you to spend $33,000 in a year with the 1.5% cash redemption rate just to cover that fee.
  • Poor Customer Service – While wait-times may be short, customer service and “concierge service” tend to belong to the same tool. Actual training seems to be in short supply, and more often than not you will get canned answers or be told that your request cannot be completed even when it can, with little extra effort.

The “Priceless” Program

Luxury Card offers something called the “Priceless” Program. This program purportedly offers unique, invitation-only experiences and perks. No specific details are given on their website and the few things that cardmembers have reported receiving, like complimentary gifts in certain hotels, seem to have greatly dwindled over the years.

The Luxury Card Black Card is a credit card with ambitions, but poor follow-through and little substance. Fees are high, benefits aren't the best for what you're charged, and customer service is virtually non-existent beyond the sales stage. The most ambiguous attribute is the “luxury gifts” element outlined in mailers where there isn’t much explanation as to what these luxury gifts are exactly. If you have the credit score that would qualify you to receive the Luxury Card Black Card, you can do better and you probably deserve better. This is not a card that offers great rewards, even for frequent fliers. The best return you might make with this card comes from the steady 1.5% cash redemption and lack of foreign transaction fees. However, you can find this on several other cards with no annual fee and much better customer service.

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