– Business Gold Charge Card Reservation

April 7, 2020

By Martin Norris

With relatively low APR, the pre-approved mailer is worth the time it takes to consider. With its uniquely adaptable rewards program, it's often worth the application and the annual fee, too. For most potential cardmembers that would do well with the American Express Business Gold Card, the introductory offer of 35,000 bonus points will more than make up for the first year's fee.

Due to the adaptable nature of its rewards program, the American Express Business Gold Card could be a great card for any type of business. The bonus rewards categories include such diverse options as dining, shipping, airfare, and print and online advertising.

However, this is a card with a $295 per year annual fee. It's not meant for the smallest of small businesses. For most, this is a card worth paying for if you're looking to spend at least $50,000 per year in these specific bonus categories. However, you can earn a bonus on up to $150,000 worth of eligible purchases, not to mention the bonus rebate programs.

The APR for the American Express Business Gold Card is calculated as a margin of 10.99% to 18.99% added to the Prime Rate. This makes the American Express Business Gold Card a variable rate credit card. However, this APR only applies to any Pay-Over-Time programs you have worked out with American Express.

The American Express Business Gold Card is a charge card, not a true credit card. This means the balance is meant to be paid off every month and should never be carried over unless an agreement was made in advance.

There is also a penalty APR rate calculated as 25.99% plus the Prime Rate. This penalty rate begins if 2 or more late payments are made in 12 months, the minimum balance is not paid before the close of a billing cycle, or a single payment is returned.

As a charge card, there is no stated minimum or maximum credit limit for the American Express Business Gold Card. However, it is possible to feel out your maximum credit limit at any given time by calling the 24/7 customer service line at American Express and requesting to make a large purchase of X amount. If the purchase is approved, you know that your maximum spending limit is higher than the purchase you named. This information is not provided in your mailer from


  • Annual Fee – There is a $295 annual fee with the American Express Business Gold Card.
  • Cash Advance Fee – There is no cash advance fee as cash advances do not apply to the American Express Business Gold Card.
  • Foreign Transaction Fee – There are no foreign transaction fees for the American Express Business Gold Card.
  • Late Payment Fee – There is a late payment fee of $39 or 2.99% of the full past due amount (typically the balance held on a charge card), whichever is greater.
  • Return Payment Fee -  There is a return payment fee of $39 for the American Express Business Gold Card.
  • Authorized User Fees – There are no authorized user fees for the American Express Business Gold Card. However, there are limits on what authorized users can do with points and how they earn points compared to the primary cardholder. Further, there is a limit of 99 authorized users or additional cards per account.
  • Balance Transfer Fee – There is no balance transfer fee as the American Express Business Gold Card is not meant to hold a balance.

There are several parts to the American Express Business Gold Card rewards program. First, you earn 1x points on all eligible purchases. Each point is worth 1 cent or 1% cash back in most situations.

In two select categories per year, of 6 or more, you earn 4x points. These points can be redeemed for purchases, upgrades, and air travel booking and expenses. There are also rotating offers that allow you to earn a better redemption rate on points.

For air travel, there is also a standard offer where your points are worth 2x when booking through the Amex travel website. When booking this way and choosing First or Business class, or when booking with select airlines, you can also get a 25% refund of points used. Taken together, all of these deals can combine to add up to exceptional savings. Positives
There American Express Business Gold Card offers a handful of immediate advantages to all cardholders.

  • High Spending Limit – With no preset spending limit, the American Express Business Gold Card is more flexible than a traditional credit card. There are no 6- or 12-month credit increases. As your spending habits change, so can the amount you're allowed to use your charge card for.
  • Flexible Rewards Program – Each year you get to choose 2 of 6 or more categories in which to earn 4x points up to $150,000 in eligible purchases.
  • No Fees for Authorized Users or Additional Cards – As a business, the need for multiple cards can help you keep better track of the what, where, and who of expenses. When these cards can be added to your account for free, each with individual spending and category limits, this process is even easier.
  • Points Refund on Select Air Travel Options – Whether air travel is one of your select bonus categories or not, all cardmembers can take advantage of a refund of up to 25% of any points redeemed toward select air travel. – Negatives
If the American Express Business Gold Card is a good fit for you and your business, these disadvantages should be able to resolve themselves.

  • Annual Fee – There is an annual fee for the American Express Business Gold Card. However, this annual fee is only $295 and the bonus reward points should easily be able to make up for what you have to spend to keep the card.
  • Penalty Interest – Though the American Express Business Gold Card does have a high penalty interest rate, this is a charge card. Going into the application process, this means you should already plan on never holding a balance unless there is some sort of emergency. In that case, however, you can negotiate alternative terms with American Express. Penalty Interest is, often, avoidable.

The American Express Business Gold Card is a fantastic points-based reward card that is flexible enough to work for any business. However, this will do the most good for a business that is spending at least $50,000 in 2 of the 6 select bonus point categories. If this isn't the case, a fee-free business card may be the best choice for now, but it's never a bad idea to keep the Amex Business Gold Card in mind for the future.

Those that do apply will need great business credit and can expect a swift application process. APR is given most often at the lower end of the range, around 14.99%. However, if managed poorly it's easy to pick up the penalty rate and be stuck with a higher APR once it ends.

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